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At SewNoles, we strive to make sewing more economical and to provide a break from always having to go to a "chain" store. Here we carry a plethora of fabric types, styles, and colors, at afforable prices. We promise you will be pleased with the high quality of our items, and with our affordability.


Since we are an independent fabric retailer, there's no bigwig sitting in a corporate office thousands of miles away instructing us on what we have to carry. Instead, each item is hand selected by us to provide to you! While for some sitting down spending hours looking through fabrics sounds like a dreadful task, we must admit, it's one of our guilty pleasures! We love looking and finding those unique designs or new fabrics to provide for you to run wild with!


Also, as an independent fabric retailer, we can special order nearly anything!! If it's being made, we can get it for you! There's typicaly no minimum amount we have to order either! So next time you're looking for that very specific material in a particular design, let us know and we'll help find it for you! 


Take a look at our image galleries below to view some of the items we currently have available in-stock for purchase.



*Please note: our inventory is changing daily! Some items shown are in limited quantity and when they're sold out there is a chance we might not be able to order it again. We do not guarantee to have these items constantly in stock. This is just what we have as of this moment, we never know when someone will come in to purchase fabrics nor how much they will purchase. 

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