Our Available Lessons

Beginners Class

You Will Learn:

  • The basic tools of sewing and how they're used.
  • How to thread a sewing machine.
  • How to wind a bobbin.
  • You will complete two sewing projects
  • involving: anchoring, pivoting, creating seams, making square bottoms, rolled hems, "X-box" stitches, and more

Patterns & Fabrics

You Will Learn:

In this class we have combined our Pattern Class and Fabric Class together in order to give a better understanding of how the two become incorporated. This class is open to anyone who already knows how to sew and is ready to begin working on projects or needs a refresher course on using patterns.


  • How to pick out a pattern, learning the differences between brands.
  • How to properly take yours (or someone else's) measurements.
  • How to apply your measurements to a pattern ensuring a great fit.
  • How to pick the proper fabric for a pattern.
  • Learning the basic differences between weaves of fabrics.
  • How to use the suggested pattern layout or "roadmap".
  • Learn common terminology used in patterns.
  • How to place pattern pieces "On Grain".
  • What the markings and indicators on pattern pieces mean.
  • How to pin and mark patterns properly.
  • How to trace your pattern on fabric.

This 1.5 hour class is taught on Wednesdays at either 2 or 5:30pm, or Saturdays at 3:30pm. 


***Registration is REQUIRED due to class sizes being limited.*** 


NOTE: This class is also offered as two seperate classes.  Please call us for additional information.


Additional Classes

The sky is (nearly) the limit on what we can help you learn! Here's a quick glimpse of the other classes we offer:

Basic Sewing Skills:

Our Basic Sewing Skills classes are individualized one-on-one classes lasting 1-hr. Each topic is its own class. 


Topics include:

  • Learning how to put in zippers
  • How to make buttonholes
  • How to do set-in sleeves
  • The "hows" and "whys" of facings
  • Difference types of hems and when to use each
  • How to attach a collar with facing


Other Classes:

Any of the following classes are available on request. This isn't a comprehensive list, just the most popular ones.

  • How to make ties.
  • How to make potholders.
  • How to make scarves.
  • How to make aprons.
  • How to make curtains.
  • How to make pillows.

For pricing, or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (850)577-1822 or email us at sewnoles@gmail.com


Offered during Spring Break & for

One full week each month for the entire Summer Break.



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