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Additional Classes

The sky is (nearly) the limit on what we can help you learn! Here's a quick glimpse of the other classes we offer:


Basic Sewing Skills

Our Basic Sewing Skills classes are individualized one-on-one classes lasting 1-hr. Each topic is its own class


Topics include:

  • Learning how to put in zippers
  • How to make buttonholes
  • How to do set-in sleeves
  • The "hows" and "whys" of facings
  • Difference types of hems and when to use each
  • How to attach a collar with facing


Other Classes:

Any of the following classes are available on request. This isn't a comprehensive list, just the most popular ones.

  • How to make ties
  • How to make potholders
  • How to make scarves
  • How to make aprons
  • How to make curtains
  • How to make pillows



For more information on the cost, length, or to schedule any of these classes, please call us at (850)-577-1822 or e-mail us at


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