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Making Friends with Your Sewing Machine

We like to call this class, "making friends with your sewing machine" since that's the whole goal of it! 

We've come across many of our clients who have a machine but aren't too sure about it, so that's where we come in!



In this class we'll help you learn things like:

  • How to thread your machine
  • How to load your bobbin properly
  • How to wind a bobbin
  • How to do a basic clean of your machine
  • How to change the presser foot to a different one 
  • How to change change thread width and design


If you have an older machine, it may not be able to do all the above listed options; however we will help you learn how to do as much as your machine can do. We do have experience working with the older sewing machines. In fact, we have access to, and practice with, sewing machines that range across the 1900's. We do not claim to know everything about all sewing machines, but we sure do know a lot, and we are definitely willing to learn along with you if it's a machine we've never been around.


This class is taught by appointment ONLY.  When making an appointment please have the brand and model number of your machine available. If you're not sure what this means, we can help you identify it. 


To schedule an appointment or to get pricing, please call us at (850)-577-1822 or e-mail us at

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